What is Campaign for Consciousness?

Positive Affirmation for Global Transformation

CFC is a global virtual community using conscious intention and unified affirmation as the power and foundation for spiritual social action and progress.

“The world is spiritual democracy, you vote with your life.” ~Dalai Lama


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Campaign Affirmation:

We believe in the power of kindness.  Courageously, we share words of kindness and choose language that lifts.

Powered by kindness and modeling that which we want replicated, we set positive effects in motion.  Acts of kindness can break the trance of loneliness, soothe the solitude of suffering and dissolve comments that crucify. 

Activating the Good, we heal hearts, grow goodwill and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments.

2019 Vision:

To harness the power of kindness setting positive effects in motion and creating goodness in our world.

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